Upcoming Sermons 2022

Upcoming Sermons 2022

Feb 26   AM: Devoted To The Apostles Teaching… Acts 2
                 PM: Guest Speaker

Mar 5 AM: Jesus’ Promise to The Twelve
          PM: Clever Tales or Inffalible Proofs

Mar 12 AM: Early Christian Writings on The New Testament 
            PM: Song Night

Mar 19 AM: 1st Principles of the NT 
              PM: It Didn't Happen In A Corner

Mar 26 AM: 1st Principles at Galatia
              PM: Guest Speaker

Apr 2 AM: 1st Principles at Thessalonica
               PM: The Ressurection Argument

Apr 9 AM: 1st Principles at Corinth
           PM: Song Night

Apr 16 AM: 1st Principles of Communication 
             PM: Evidences Series 

Apr 23 AM: Unique Doctrines to Consider
             PM: Evidences Series

Apr 30 AM: He Set His Heart 
             PM: Guest Speaker

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Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
04/21/19 We Have Become a Spectacle to the World(1st Cor. 4) Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun PM 2019-04-21_PM_Sermon_-_1_Cor._4_We_Have_Become_a_Spectacle_to_the_World.pptx 04_21_2019_PM.mp3
04/14/19 Where Life Meets God: Joseph Shares God's Grace with His Brothers Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 2019-04-14_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.Joseph_Shares_Gods_Grace_with_His_Brothers.pptx 04_14_2019_AM.mp3
04/07/19 Where Life Meets God: Getting Out of Sodom Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 2019-04-07_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.Getting_Out_of_Sodom.pptx 04_07_2019_PM.mp3
04/07/19 Let No One Boast in Men (1st Cor 3) Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun PM 2019-04-07_PM_Sermon_-_1_Cor._3_Let_No_One_Boast_In_Men.pptx 04_17_2019_PM.mp3
03/31/19 Where Life Meets God: Esau's Sold Birthright Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 2019-03-31_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.Esau_Sells_His_Birthright.pptx 03_31_2019_AM.mp3
03/31/19 Miracles Jesus Performed Mike Campos N/A Sun PM 03_31_2019_PM.mp3
03/24/19 Where Life Meets God: God's Promises to Abraham Were not Supplemented by the Flesh Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 2019-03-24_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.Abrahams_Flesh_Did_Not_Supplement_Gods_Promise1.pptx 03_24_2019_AM.mp3
03/24/19 How Can We Receive the Spirit of God Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun PM 2019-03-24_PM_Sermon_-_1_Cor._2.6-16_How_Can_We_Receive_the_Spirit_of_God.pptx 03_24_2019_PM.mp3
03/17/19 What Kind of Pie is It? (Service) Tom Hamilton N/A Sun Bible Study 2019_03_17_Class.mp3
03/17/19 What You Do in the Aisle (Repentance) Tom Hamilton N/A Sun AM 2019_03_17_AM.mp3
03/17/19 What is the Real Glory of God? (Forgiveness) Tom Hamilton N/A Sun PM 2019_03_17_PM.mp3
03/16/19 What Does It Mean to Think Like Jesus? (Humility) Tom Hamilton N/A Gospel Meeting 2019_03_16.mp3
03/15/19 We Were Created for Relationships Tom Hamilton N/A Gospel Meeting 2019_03_15_PM.mp3
03/10/19 Where Life Meets God: Abraham's Experience with God Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 2019-03-10_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.Abrahams_Experience_with_God.pptx 03_10_2019_AM.mp3
03/03/19 Where Life Meets God: Abraham's Commitment to Worship God Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 2019-03-03_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.Abrahams_Commitment_to_Worship.pptx 03_03_2019_AM.mp3
02/24/19 Where Life Meets God: Where is the Love in God's Judgement? (Gen 6-8) Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 2019-02-24_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.Where_is_the_Love_in_Gods_Judgment.pptx 02_24_2019_AM.mp3
02/24/19 Is God Seen By Others Through Your Life? Josh Abeyta N/A Sun PM 02_24_2019_PM.mp3
02/17/19 Wher Life Meets God: What Man's Evil Does to God (Gen 6:1-13) Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 2019-02-17_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.What_Mans_Evil_Does_to_God.pptx 02_17_2019_AM.mp3
02/17/19 Where Life Meets God: The Wisdom of Men Verses the Cross (1st Cor 1:18-2:5) Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun PM 2019-02-17_PM_Sermon_-_1_Cor._1_The_Wisdom_of_Men_versus_The_Cross.pptx 02_17_2019_PM.mp3
02/10/19 Where Life Meets God: Murder Strikes the First Family (Gen 4:1-15) Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 2019-02-10_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.Murder_Strikes_the_First_Family.pptx 02_10_2019_AM.mp3
02/03/19 In Me You May Have Peace Kevin Fox N/A Sun AM 02_03_2019_AM.mp3
02/03/19 How to Behave in the Household of God Ken Schoentag N/A Sun PM 02_03_2019_PM1.mp3
01/27/19 Where Life Meets God: Who Am I? Harmony with God Means Peace with Myself Carl Lungstrum N/A Sun AM 01_27_2019_AM.mp3 2019-01-27_AM_Sermon_-_Where_Life_Meets_God.Who_Am_I_Harmony_with_God_Means_Peace_with_Myself.pptx
01/20/19 If You Had a Chance to Share a Message Derek Abeyta N/A Sun AM 01_20_2019_AM.mp3
01/20/19 I Have Learned the Secret Ron Lehde N/A Sun PM 01_20_2019_PM.mp3

Displaying 301 - 325 of 361

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