Upcoming Sermons 2022

Upcoming Sermons 2022

Oct 2 AM: Guest Speaker: John Weaver
          PM: Revelation Ch 2 (Smyrna)

Oct 9 AM: 2 Tim 2B How To Interact with God's People
          PM: Song Night

Oct 16 AM: Psalm 119 (Pt 1) 
          PM: A Biblical Description of Hell

Oct 23 AM: Interacting With A "Hook-Up" Culture
          PM: Psalm 119 (Pt 2)

Oct 30 AM: Leviticus Sermon
          PM: Guest Speaker  

Nov 6 AM: Take Time To Be Holy (v3)
          PM: Revelation 2 (Pergamum)

Nov 13 AM: 2 Tim 3
          PM: Song Night

Nov 20 AM: Psalm Sermon
          PM: Hebrews 2-3

Nov 27 AM: Interacting With Our Culture Lesson
          PM: Guest Speaker  

Dec 4 AM: Take Time To Be Holy (v4)
          PM: Revelation 2 (Thyatira)

Dec 11 AM: 2 Timothy
          PM: Song Night

Dec 18 AM: Psalm Sermon
          PM: Hebrews 

Dec 25 AM: The Birth of Christ 
          PM: Guest Speaker

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Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
11/20/22 Unless The LORD Builds (Ps 127) Coulter Wickerham Psalms Sun AM 1_20_2022_AM.mp3 Psm_127_Unless_The_LORD_Builds.pptx
11/20/22 Scripture & Psychology (Pt 2) Coulter Wickerham Soul & Body Sun PM 11_20_2022_PM.mp3 Psychology__Scripture_Part_2.pptx
11/13/22 Scripture & Psychology (Pt 1) Coulter Wickerham Soul & Body Sun AM 11_13_2022_AM.mp3 Psychology__Scripture_Part_1.pptx
10/02/22 Personal Evangelism John Weaver N/A Sun AM 10_2_2022_AM.mp3 Personal_Evangelism.pptx
09/25/22 Created For A Purpose Jimmy Stevens N/A Gospel Meeting 4_Created_for_a_Purpose.mp3 4_Created_For_A_Purpose_Outline.pdf
09/25/22 Must One Be In The Church To Be Saved? Jimmy Stevens N/A Gospel Meeting 5_Must_One_Be_In_Church_To_Be_Saved_Outline.pdf 5_Must_One_Be_In_Church_To_Be_Saved.pptx 5_Must_One_Be_in_the_Church_to_Be_Saved.mp3
09/25/22 Moral Living In An Immoral World Jimmy Stevens N/A Gospel Meeting 6_Moral_Living_in_an_Immoral_World.mp3 6_Moral_Living_In_An_Immoral_World_Outline.pdf 6_Moral_Living_In_An_Immoral_World.pptx
09/24/22 Will Only The Baptized Be Saved? Jimmy Stevens N/A Gospel Meeting 3_Will_Only_the_Baptized_Be_Saved.mp3 3_Will_Only_The_Baptized_Be_Saved_Outline.pdf 3_Will_Only_The_Baptized_Be_Saved.pptx
09/23/22 The Holy Spirit & Salvation Jimmy Stevens N/A Gospel Meeting 2_Holy_Spirit__Salvation_Outline.pdf 2_The_Holy_Spirit_and_Salvation.mp3 2_The_Holy_Spirit__Salvation.pptx
09/22/22 God's Promise To Satan Jimmy Stevens N/A Gospel Meeting 1_Gods_Promise_to_Satan.mp3 1_Gods_Promise_To_Satan.pptx 1_Promise_to_Satan_Outline.pdf
09/18/22 Members of One Another Paul Finney N/A Sun AM Members_One_of_Another_9_18_2022_AM.mp3 Members_One_of_Another.pptx
09/18/22 Ephesians 3:16-19 Kevin Fox N/A Sun PM 9_18_2022_PM.mp3 Kevin_Fox_Ephesians_3_v16-19.pptx
09/11/22 Entrust To Faithful Men (2 TIm 2) Coulter Wickerham 2 Timothy Sun AM 2_Tim_2A_Entrust_To_Faithful_Men.pptx 9_11_2022_AM.mp3
08/28/22 Jehovah Is Salvation David Kyle N/A Sun PM 8_28_2022_PM.mp3 Jehovah_is_Salvation.pptx
08/28/22 How To Engage Our Culture Coulter Wickerham Soul & Body Sun AM 8_28_2022_AM.mp3 Love_Thy_Body_Intro.pptx
06/26/22 Right In Our Own Eyes Derek Abeyta N/A Sun AM 6_26_2022_AM.mp3 Right_in_Our_Own_Eyes.pptx
06/26/22 Doctrine of Demons Tim Jensen N/A Sun PM 6_26_2022_PM.mp3 Doctrine_Of_Demons_6_26_2022_PM.pptx
05/29/22 Is Christianity Old & Dying? Coulter Wickerham Evidences Sun AM Is_Christianity_Old__Dying.pptx May_29_2022_AM.mp3
05/29/22 Pray For The Lost Rusty Taylor Devoted To Prayer Sun PM May_29_2022_PM.mp3 Pray_for_the_Lost.pptx
05/22/22 God Loves Animals Coulter Wickerham Language of Salvation Sun AM God_Loves_Animals.pptx May_22_2022_AM.mp3
05/22/22 Prayer Parables in Luke 18 Coulter Wickerham Devoted To Prayer Sun PM May_22_2022_AM-1653319824.mp3 Prayer_in_LK_Pt_2_Ch18.pptx
05/15/22 Teach Us To Number Our Days (Psm 90) Coulter Wickerham Psalms Sun AM May_15_2022_AM.mp3 Psm_90_Teach_Us_To_Number_Our_Days.pptx
05/15/22 Tales or Proofs Coulter Wickerham Evidences Sun PM May_15_2022_PM.mp3 Tales_or_Proofs.pptx
05/08/22 Rich in Good Works (1 Tim 6) Coulter Wickerham 1 Timothy Sun AM 1_Tim_6_Rich_In_Good_Works.pptx May_8_2022_AM.mp3
05/01/22 Prayer in Luke Pt 1 Coulter Wickerham Devoted To Prayer Sun AM May_1_2022_AM.mp3 Prayer_In_Luke.pptx

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