About Us

About Us

Who we are?

We are people who have a life-long commitment to Jesus Christ.  It did not start that way.  We are thankful that God has kindly forgiven us of our sins and has brought us into a daily relationship through Jesus.  By this we move forward in God’s blessings and in eternal hope!  As Christians, we are not perfect humans, yet we trust and we walk in God’s light, which has no darkness.  By this we are empowered, yet we are humbled and thankful by God’s grace and His patience.

What to expect when you visit us?

We cordially welcome you to visit our worship assemblies and Bible studies.  

  • A greeting.  We want to get to know you, not just as an attendee of a service, but as our neighbor in our community.  We will gladly arrange an informal visit or a personal Bible study at a time and place (home, library, coffee shop, church office) outside of scheduled services. 
  • Worshipping God.  Worshipping God is our privilege and our duty. During Sunday worship services (10:30am & 4:30pm) we direct ourselves to God in songs and prayers and in Bible teachings.  We remember the death of Jesus, God’s Son, by partaking of the Lord's Supper, eating unleavened bread to remember His body, and drinking the fruit of the vine to remember His blood. We take up a collection to fund the expenses of our local assemblies and to support those who are evangelizing God's word locally and abroad.  As a visitor, you may simply observe, or you may participate with the congregation.
  • Bible Studies.   Bible study is an essential part of what we do.  The Bible reveals God's identity and His instructions for us. Sunday mornings (9:30am) and Wednesday evenings (7pm) we have Bible classes for all ages: toddlers to adults. Parents may choose to place children in a class for their age, and then the parents may attend an adult class.  Parents may also choose to keep their children with themselves. 

What is our outreach to others?

  • Every person is valued. God's love is abundant in that He gave the life of His Son Jesus Christ to save each of us from our sins, so we can live a life according to His truth, purposed for God's glory.  We want to help everyone to know and to experience this opportunity to have the joyful presence of God in their life and to have a heavenly home with Him hereafter.  God’s value of each person is opposed to where this world leaves one:  unvalued, unfulfilled, and suffering consequences for sins now and eternally.  We share God’s value of every person.
  • We invite Christians to unite with us in fellowship.  In this relationship we are God’s family.  We have daily care for one another—building one another up in faith and empathizing with each other’s challenges, joys and sorrows.  Gladly, we worship together in our assemblies with all who serve Jesus Christ.
  • We evangelize so others can hear God's word through public and private teachings.  It is our goal to help seekers of God to know Him and to help them commit to following God through His Son Jesus Christ.  Therefore we support evangelism locally in Colorado Springs and in other parts of the world.