Spiritual Theme 2020

Spiritual Theme 2020

Make Me A Servant

  • Who says this, “Make me a servant?”  Many have the opposite mindset, looking for survival, for success, for promotion or empowerment by means of asserting self over others.  The mindset of Jesus’ followers is radical!  The Christian’s heart is, “Make me a servant.”
  • Jesus Christ, the King of kings, was not a ruler when He lived on earth.  He was a servant—a servant to God and a servant to us.  Jesus lived His whole life unselfishly in service to others.  This was not a new concept.  He was described as such in prophecy, hundreds of years before his birth (Isaiah 52:13).  The result of Jesus’ service is a life which powerfully accomplished God’s mission to defeat sin and Satan; all on our behalf.
  • Today followers of Jesus have the same mindset—success through serving God and others.   Regardless of who we are and what our station in life is, we can humble ourselves before God and offer kindness to those who cross our path.  Just like Jesus, we are here to serve.

During 2020 Christians at Northeast will focus on this theme, “Make Me a Servant.”  We will have sermons, articles, songs, and other reminders which mold us as a servant.  The outcome will show God’s power and bring Him glory through us!

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Make Me a Servant

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